Raising The Sultana

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  • Corporal Erastus Winters Life Story

    Erastus Winters was born August 8, 1843, in Hamilton County, Ohio, an area known as the White Oak Settlement.  He’s father was Amos Winters Sr, a Green Mountain boy, and was born in the State of Vermont. He’s mother was Mary Ann Pine, and she was born in the State of New Jersey.  He’s parents became Christians and went to church at the Old White Oak Church of Christ where Rev. Love Jamis...

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  • Have you ever heard of Alabama Union Troops? Story of Private Jonathan Roach

    Most often when we think about soldiers in the Civil War we always assume that Union Soldiers were Northerners and Confederates were Southerners.  However, this story gives this assumption a twist.  Private Jonathan Roach was born on March 18, 1818 in Cherokee County, North Carolina, but he lived in Mobile, Alabama during the time the Civil War began.   There was men who...

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  • Corporal William Henry Peacock

    Wilham Henry Peacock was born in Tyler County, Virginia. May 28, 1845. His parents were Elijah and Mary ((Wright) Peacock. They came to Indiana in 1846, settling near the village of Luray in Prairie Township, Henry County. He spent his youth on a farm and remained with his parents until he was seventeen years old when he enlisted December 15, 1863, in Company G, 9th I...

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