Raising The Sultana

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  • The Unknown Hero of the Sultana

    You may think why in the world you would find a story about a confederate soldier in the middle of all of these Union soldier’s stories. Well I believe the Unknown Hero deserves his story told for his heroic efforts that saved many lives.  You see he didn’t look at himself as the enemy on this dark early morning of April 27, 1865, but a person who had already seen so much death decided to u...

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  • Disaster of the Sultana.

    This is perhaps the most frightful disaster ever recorded in the annals of steam navigation. It is stated that over fifteen hundred (1,500) lives were lost. The Sultana was built at Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1863. She was of 660 38-100 tons burden, (old measurement;) had accommodations for seventy-six (76) cabin passengers, and three hundred (300) deck passengers. She had four highpressure boilers, 18...

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  • The Gator Killer: Story of Pvt. William Lugenbeal

    Pvt. William Lugenbeal could not swim. Looking for something - anything - thatfloats he remembered seeing a large wooden cage used on the boat to store thealligator. He broke the lock to the storage room under the main stairs,bayoneted (stabbed it) the unfortunate animal and emptied him onto the deck. He went into the water with the wooden cage. He climbed inside and paddled with his hands an...

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